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‘How to be more solution-focused in my world of work’

- by Dieter Weinand:


This is the second Blog Post in the series of  the Future of Learning 2015 Conference of The Institute of Learning Professionals. As part of the Expert tables we choose a few interesting topics.


Below are my key takeaways:


  • Role play of questions about the problem and questions about a potential solution
  • NLP practices included, analyse a person’s behaviour
  • Problem questions: interviewees seem more stressed/uncomfortable and look away more
  • Solution questions: Interviewees relax more, smile and laugh more when they answer
  • Conclusion: Do not stick to the problem as you have the solution and you need to work towards that even when it is just in little steps.
  • Often companies get stuck on these problems as it is ‘The way they have always done things’.


“Find out what works and do more of it”

- Dieter Weinand


How you can start making solution-focused changes today, key question:

  • What is your preferred future?
    • What are the next small steps you could implement to come closer to your desired results?


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Written by: Marlie van Doorn

Date published: 21/10/2015

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